About Loess Hills Environmental

 We train.  We investigate.  We serve.

"Environmental" and "EHS" mean very different things to different organizations.  Some clients are looking for a class to close a training gap, others need support to manage a portfolio of former release sites.  Our mission is to help you clarify the need and then meet it promptly and effectively.

Our goal is to be your first call or email when seeking site investigation or EHS services in Iowa and Nebraska.  If it turns out we are not the expert you need, we will work to get you connected with the right organization.  Contact us today to get started.


Korey Brunken, Owner
I started Loess Hills Environmental because environmental, health, and safety services are my passion.  I love hearing experienced workers tell me they learned something new in our classes and I can't wait to investigate new sites.

As a Professional Geologist (NE) and Environmental Engineer (NE), I have been fortunate to practice my trade in 12 countries.  Now as a small business owner I get to share that experience with our clients.

This is the part where I'm supposed to elaborate on my hobbies or interests, but most of the time I'm geeking out on safety websites.  Or putting up ridiculously oversized holiday decorations.

Let's chat online or come have a coffee with me at the office in Logan and we'll talk about safer workers and a cleaner planet.

Our Affiliations

They say you are only as good as the company you keep.  Fortunately we keep some pretty good company:

Logan Chamber

Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce

Missouri Valley Chamber of Commerce

Training Space

The Training Space in Logan, Iowa

Whether it's one of our subject matter experts or yours, the 900 square foot meeting space is available to help you meet your training goals.

Are you a consultant or instructor looking to team up?

Partner for a specific project in our region or find new ways to share your skill set.